The real female orgasm

The Real female orgasm is a moment of extremely intense pleasure. It lasts a matter of seconds 5,10 or occasionally up to 20 seconds. It's then followed by a gorgeous feeling of relaxation. If (after a very brief pause) stimulation is continued then more orgasms can be had. Once experienced it instantly creates an almost magical liking of the person who provided it (unless done DIY style!)

Many women believe there's something wrong with them if they can't 'come' to order. Not True. They (or their boyfriends) are just not going about it right. Nearly all women can have real female orgasms so long as it's done correctly.

Is penetrative sex necessary?

Actually very few women orgasm only through the a man's cock entering the vagina. It's much more likely to happen through stimulation (touching/rubbing/kissing) of the clitoris - the highly sensitive bump at the top of the vaginal lips.

How does it feel?

It's different for every woman, and varies in strength and duration each time. It's been described variously as
"Soul sapping."
"A throbbing, electric sensation spreading throughout the body."
"A BLAST of ecstacy"

If you not sure you've had an orgasm then you definitely haven't!!

The Physical facts / Orgasm Indicators

There are orgasm indicators seen in the build up and during a real female orgasm :

rising feeling of intense pleasure
faster heart beat and breahing
more vaginal lubrication
breasts become enlarged, nipples erect
clitoris becomes more erect and exposed
skin flushes, especially the face and chest
pelvic muscle spasms, causing vaginal contractions and orgasmic sensations as the orgasm 'hits'

How to give a real female orgasm

Firstly you've got to realize - it's not a mechanical thing (unlike in men).

These are the top factors that have to be there for a real female orgasm to occur :

Comfortable surroundings
A partner she really likes
kissing and cuddling for at least 10-20 mins
A feeling of being appreciated (big hurdle for many guys)
Good lubrication (ideally natural)
A Partner who know how to rub the clitoris right

Common Errors

Not taking enough time
Not enough breast carressing
Too proud to ask her what she likes
Not telling her how fantastically sexy and gorgeous she is.
Not being willing to give oral sex
Rushing to touch her clitoris - learn to physically flirt with her clitoris

Taking time to learn to become a master of the real female orgasm will pay dividends on a nightly basis for years to come!


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