Reading Female Body Language

Reading female body language
is a skill that must be learnt by any man wanting to get together with a beautiful woman.

Subconciously women use body language to attract men. The origins of this 'language' is to say : "I'm a healthy woman, please approach me' ie "Come Closer".
Men are notoriously bad at reading female body language, so listen up!

Women unconciously send six times more body language messages and gestures than men. These messages are 'hard-wired' into our behaviours and

Female body language deals with safety, survival and getting sex. Women today still use the same body language to attract men that their ancient ancestors used. (And men still fall for women's tricks!)

The Primary Gestures

The first step is to notice these signals. You're looking for these specific gestures :

  • A woman 'catching your eye' - she'll stare at YOU for a few seconds longer than is normal.
  • She'll then slowly look down into her lap, or the table top

These 2 gestures show that she likes the look of you and that she won't resist you. The downward glancing is an ancient submissive getsure.

This is your cue to start to approach her.

Secondary Gestures

As you become more adept at reading female body language you will see many more initiating gestures displayed by a woman who like the look of you. These are hard-wired stimulate a man's interest, and explains why some pretty girls seem so much more desirable than others.

  • An 'Intimate Gaze' - this is when her eyes travel from your one eye to the other, then down to your mouth (and if she really likes you down to your groin) then back up again.
reading female body language

Neck Exposing - When reading female body language notice that this submissive gesture is often part of the Hair Tossing movement, which gains attention and exposes the neck.

  • Exposing Palms of hands and wrists - again a submissive and non-threatening gesture

reading female body language

  • Pointing feet towards you when sitting down. If she starts sliding her foot in and out of her shoe then you can guess what her subconcious is thinking about. This position flows frequently into the much admired 'Leg Twine'.

Once you're engaged with your target girl, keep a look out for subtle 'accidental' touch signals that indicte you may move closer.

Men's body language and behavior are the primary factors that women uses to pick boyfriends. Studying these in great detail will pay you back ten-fold in terms of success with gorgeous women.


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