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Where to go for that casual date that will be a knockout success that she / he will be telling all their friends about? Well wonder no more - 300 creative dates is the book for YOU.

Quite simply this book sells itself. There are numerous testimonials on the website that are all 100% true. The book's aurthor has been featured on T.V. and once famously on Oprah.

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The Creative Dates are suitable for Everyone - even people happily married for 20 years! The issue is that you want it to be a casual date (ie no pressure) but you also want it to be a Great Date. How many relationships stutter over just this problem? (Lots and lots!)

We're not permitted to reveal ANY of the details of the casual dates in the book. However let us reassure you that it's NOT just a list of places to go etc - It does take you through exactly what to do, and leads you by the hand through all the possible dates so that your date feels that it's a casual date, but by the end of it they are blown away with the great time they've had!

In essence it provides you with 'mini-adventures' that automatically create romance and a mutual attraction. Which is exactly what you want of course. Each date is set out for you and structured in a way that it's very easy for anyone to follow.

This book is equally suited to men or women, couples on their first date or couples that have known each other for years.

There's a very good reason this is such a popular e-book, and that is that people respond so favorably to a good casual date that it's worth $$$, and yet the book itself is dirt cheap for what you get.

To see what the fuss is about and to get that perfect casual date place

300 creative dates - as seen on Oprah

Our recommedation : 

If you're looking for a truly great casual date (no matter where you live) then Just buy it - you'll never regret it.