Body Language Flirting

Body Language flirting
techniques are ancient and unconscious. If you are a man then knowing some body language secrets will get help you get the women you desire fast.

Women have repeatedly reported that a man's looks are low on the list of desirable traits. The most important traits are that turn women on are :

Being Clean and Healthy (everyone needs to work on personal hygiene)
Appearing capable and resourceful (does NOT equal rich)
Being assertive as well as caring and gentle
Appearing confident around others
Appearing to have a Good Sense of Humor

The majority of these traits can be conveyed with body language flirting if you know how.


When a women makes eye contact with you (for slightly longer than normal), give a little smile and a very slight head nod and maintain the eye contact. Your strong and pleasant eye contact held on her shows her 3 things instantly:

1. You're clearly interested. She'll really like that
2. You'e confident in yourself and not afraid of her. (You are an Alpha Male)
3. Your gentle smile shows that you are not threatening and you won't hurt her.

Keep eye contact until she breaks it off first. Notice if she looks down when she disconnects from looking at your eyes (e.g. drops her gaze down to look at her hands or lap). This says 'I am submissive (to you) and won't resist if you come closer'

That is unconscious female body language flirting!


Your first job is to look like an Alpha Male: cool, calm and collected. Confident and comfortable with everything under control. You show this by your body language and your slow, deliberate, smooth movements.

Your next job is to scan the eyes of the women and watch for one who returns a look with longer than normal eye contact. Keep looking at her and let a very slight smile slowly grow on your face. Keep your chin up, chest out, shoulders back, gut sucked in and keep looking until she breaks eye contact. If she disconnects by looking down (not left or right), she will be waiting for you to approach and speak to her.

Don't waste your time with women who break eye contact rapidly and looks away to the right or left (instead of down) they're not interested.


The next step is to approach her. Simply walk over whilst maintaining your good body language. You'll need to say something to her to close the physical and emotional space between you both. She wants you to approach her and she is waiting, so get moving! By the time you reach her, she will have decided to either receive you as a possible friend or reject you as a problem male - deciding solely on your body language.

Use your best body language and walk slowly and straight, with as little extraneous body movements as possible. Walk confidently and especially don't throw your pelvis around like you are proud of it. Walk casually with shoulders and arms down and relaxed. Move as if all your body weight was held up by a rope connected to the top of your head. You don't want to look heavy and weighted down with problems!

Your body language should say, "I am a live, healthy and strong male. I am confident of myself. I am interested in you. I won't hurt you." Think these words as you approach her and they will help produce the right body language. She knows it takes courage to approach her because at any moment she could reject and embarrass you. She will admire, appreciate and reward your courage and confidence to be brave and take a risk! You will be demonstrating your Alpha Maleness and she will like that!

As you walk toward her, don't start looking at anyone else! Look continuously at her eyes. Imagine that there are only you two in the room and imagine that you are saying and meaning: "I like you and I am eager to talk with you. Thank you for inviting me to meet you." As you approach her, give her a soft friendly smile that says, "I am happy to meet you." (That should be easy because you really are happy to meet her!) Approach confidently and respect her personal space.

Go slowly and gently. She is watching you like a hawk to see if you are going to try to go where you are not invited. (which is what most men do - don't be liek those losers!) Let her see that you only go as far as she invites you. Tip : don't lean toward her. This is a subtle invasion of her space and she will notice it! Stand up straight. You are the alpha male here - that's what she wants


Don't use a cute pick up line. She knows that you want to talk to her so just say, "Hi, I'm xxxxxxxx. May I talk to you?" Almost certainlt she will say "yes". She's already responded in a positive way (!)

Be honest and say that you would like to get to know her and for her to get to know you. At this point, you both have great expectations for wonderful things to happen. Enjoy the moment and continue your exciting adventure.


Your talk should center around data gathering and finding common interests. What you are really interested in is if you two have a good chance of having fun together or even long term compatibility

When standing or sitting in front of her, be sure to face her straight on. Ie your face, chest and hips are facing her directly. This is called 'mirroring' and facilitates a feeling of trust and friendliness. Also if possible, get in a position (like sitting) so that your eyes are at an equal or slightly higher level than her.

Tip : Never touch her unless she invites you, such as for a handshake. Be very respectful of her space and time if you don't want a quick brush off!

As well as body language, flirting is also about talking. Try to keep the chat humorous and lively and your attention focused on her. Keep your body language saying, "I am confident. I won't hurt you. I am interested in you."


As you talk look out for these excellent positve body language flirting signs that she's connecting with you :

1. If her eyes watch your mouth as you talk, then she is probably hungry for you and wondering about how good you will taste. (Unless she is deaf and doing lip reading!)
2. Her arms are not folded across her chest. Arms open means she is feeling safe with you and does not need to have her protective barrier up.
3. Her eye pupils are dilated (wide open). That could be her hormones kicking in already.
4. She gives you a lot of eye contact - the more eye contact, the better she likes you. Frequent eye blinks are a good sign, too. (An unblinking stare is bad news. She is either bored with you or on drugs. Maybe both!)
5. She is mirroring your body positions and moves.


If she likes you she'll give you very subtle signals to come closer - Don't miss these!

At this point in the connection she wants you to come emotionally and physically closer so she is going to do a very important thing. Don't miss it because it is very subtle:

She is going to touch you.

The touch will seem casual and 'accidental' rather than 'serious.' It may be a touch on the arm as she laughs at something you said, or it may be a pat on the back as a symbolic gesture of 'good job' as you tell a story. In any case it is reall not accidental! Her body language is saying, "I feel safe with you. You can come closer." And she will be looking and waiting for a reply to her daring body language flirting - so be prepared and give the right response!

Your body language response is to accept the touch and not move away as if you are afraid of her. Moving away or not replying with a touch (ignoring it) would indicate to her that she had gone too far into your space and you don't want her that close. You don't want to send her that message!

Your positive body language flirting response is to return the touch with an EQUAL touch. Your response must be precise and appear ever so casual. To increase the emotional connection with her you must reply in a very short time (within a few minutes) with an equally casual touch, never stronger than hers. Your return touch as gentle as hers assures her that you are not going to attack now that she has let down her defenses. Tip: Don't get more physical than her. When you both do this right, your bodies will be carrying on a powerful conversation that says, "I like and trust you. I am willing to come closer."

The next steps- getting her to sleep with you is more difficult, and requires you to become a student again!

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